Thank you to our 2019 Speakers

2019 Keynote Speakers

Gene Carpenter

Blundell Seafoods

Mark Saunders

International Year of the Salmon

Ned Bell

Chefs for Oceans

Richard Beamish

Tawney Lem

West Coast Aquatic

Stanley Kwok

Blundell Seafoods

Sean Wilton

Agrimarine Holdings / Lois Lake

Steve Atkinson

Little Cedar Falls

Jeremy Dunn

Mowi Canada West

Welbert Choi


2019 Speakers

Darlene Winterburn


Myron Roth

BC Ministry of Agriculture

Angela Willard

Co-Founder Seaweed Gardens

Amanda Swinimer

Owner Dakini Tidal Wilds

Briana Warner

Atlantic Sea Farms

Louis Druehl

Co-Founder Canadian Kelp Resources

Mairi Edgar

Mairiculture Consulting

Allison Boulton

Export Navigator

Adriana Carrillo

International Trade Division

Regan Khan

Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology

Janel Quiring

Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology

Josh Temple

Coastal Restoration Society

Kelly Hawboldt

Memorial University

John Kelly

Bioenterprise Corporation

Meagan Clarke

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

Liliana Zhylina

Embassy of Canada to Ukraine

Francis Dorsemaine

Embassy of Canada to Poland

Richard Finch

Cermaq Canada

Andrea Hoerger

Ministry of Agriculture

Jennifer Hooper

BC Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology

Steven Backman

Magellan Aqua Farms

Thierry Chopin

Chopin Coastal Health Solutions Inc.

Lynn Cornish

Acadian Seaplants Limited

Dave Moore

River Select Fisheries Cooperative

Shirley Choi

Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program

Gabrielle Kosmider

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Kirsty Walde

Arnav Nagpal

Ministry of Agriculture