Tony Farrell


    Session 6 – Moderator

    Research Interests:

    • integrative and comparative animal physiology
    • cardiorespiratory dynamics
    • myocardial oxygen supply
    • coronary physiology and coronary pathology
    • blood flow regulation
    • salmon migratory passage
    • aquatic toxicology


    2015 – Elected to the Royal Society of Canada
    2015 – Award of Excellence, American Fisheries Society
    2010 – Beverton Medal, Fisheries Society of the British Isles
    2009 – Fry Medal, Canadian Society of Zoologists
    2006 – Award of Excellence for Fish Physiology, American Fisheries Society
    2005 – Award of Excellence in Fisheries Management, American Fisheries Society
    2002 – Murray A Newman Award for Excellence in Aquatic Conservation and Pioneering Marine Research, Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre
    2000 – Honorary Doctoral Degree, University of Gothenburg, Sweden