Steve Atkinson

Owner @ Little Cedar Falls

    Steve Atkinson is an “accidental” fish farmer. He describes himself as a chef by trade, a preacher by profession and a fish farmer by default. Steve along with his wife Janet are the owners of Taste of BC Aquafarms in Nanaimo BC Canada. Taste of BC is a Pilot Aquafarm that is designed to develop a model for small to medium size commercial salmon production. The RAS was designed to produce 100Mt of Steelhead annually at the same time conducting research to arrive at a standardized model module that could be combined to build a farm from 100 to 1000 Mt annual production. Now the oldest RAS salmon grow-out, in North America, Taste of BC harvests two tonnes of Steelhead weekly, on a predictable, repeatable basis. Taste of BC has now established design and operating perimeters for what it takes to grow steelhead salmon in RAS, growing a 20gm to 2kg fish in about 1 year.