Lesley Chapman

Excel Career College

    Lesley Chapman is the Program Coordinator and an instructor of the Aquaculture Technician Diploma Program at Excel Career College. Lesley has a Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture and over 10 years of experience in the Aquaculture Industry. She has extensive experience in the hatchery production of shellfish and phytoplankton. She also has experience with marine finfish production, land-based recirculating aquaculture and farming systems. Lesley is an engaging and passionate instructor with over 6 years of experience as an educator. She is a skilled communicator and an accomplished writer. Lesley’s passion for environmental protection led her to co-author a rare and endangered species report that was published in the scientific journal “Nature”. Lesley brings her passion into the classroom and is able to ignite student interest through lively group discussions and by finding meaningful ways to connect learning within the context of our modern lives. In her spare time, Lesley enjoys sailing, fishing and volunteering in the community.